Beyond Core Control: Pilates and the Muscular Slings



Workshop length:
approximately 90 min

CEC/PDP award:
3 CECs for PMA
2 PDPs for PAA and APMA

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Pilates exercise has long been known to work from the inside – out. We first recruit muscles of core stabilisation (the ‘inner unit’) to form a stable base from which to work. We then move our trunk and limbs with larger muscle groups to create our everyday functional movements. When our stabilizers and mobilisers are working efficiently the result is optimally coordinated and efficient movement. As instructors and practitioners of Pilates exercise, creating awareness of these muscle groups and their proper facilitation is one of our main objectives.

We will focus on the muscles that we call the mobilisers of the body and will investigate their crucial role in movement as well as in providing more stability and protection for the inner, stabilising muscles and joints. We will look at the body from a ‘muscular slings’ perspective using the concepts of Andry Vleeming and relate them, in a systematic way, to Pilates exercises.


  • Become familiar with the four outer unit muscular slings
  • Become familiar with basic gait pattern
  • Understand relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Understand the contribution of the muscular slings to sacro-iliac joint force closure and pelvic stability
  • Learn basic mat-based Pilates exercises to energise the muscular slings


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